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Customer Testimonials

Sun 5/17/20 11:52am
Hi Lori @ FYG, I just bought the men's pomade and Irish green bar as a gift for my husband and he smells amazing. I started using the pomade myself and love it. Thanks again SH

Sat 5/16/20 6:22pm
I have been using these soaps for a few years now and they never disappoint. They are creamy smooth and feel silky soft on my skin. Mary

Sunday 3/1/20  8:05am
Hi Lori I am really enjoying your wonderful soaps. They are so creamy and silky smooth on my skin. I am also thrilled about how soft my skin feels as well. Good Job! Sheila K.

Mon 1/20/20 10:55am
Love your soaps ..all the colors just beautiful and my skin seriously has never felt so good and clear as it is after faithfully using your soaps Deb

Sat 1/4/20 2:34pm
FYG Soap are  long lasting and smooth feeling. My skin feels softer and less dry in winter. Good products. MB

Sunday, 12/15/19 2:21pm
Hello Lori, Your soaps are amazing. I love the way they feel on my skin, so creamy and smooth. 
I especially am liking the rose water lavender oil bar.
Regards, Sandra

Wednesday 12/04/19 9:45pm 
Every year we purchase the Christmas pine liquid for the house. The soaps are always a big hit for the holidays with our guests. Thanks, they are wonderful soaps! Sheila B

Sat 11/30/19 1:09 pm
Lori your soaps are beautiful, creamy and creative.ES

Thursday 10/03/19 2:15pm
I have been meaning to tell you I absolutely LOVE your soap. It's the first homemade soap I have used that actually lathers up. I'm currently using the mint one. You've come up with a wonderful product and should be very proud of it.P.S.

Friday 8/16/19 4;20pm
Nice Products! I am using the lavender tea tree bar and sweet orange deodorant. Works well for me. Jamie B.

Friday 8/9/19 3:22pm
Lori, We are enjoying the benefits of For Your Glory Soaps and love all natural products. Awesome and cool products. Sandy

Tuesday 6/25/19 5:25pm
We have FYG soap in every bathroom of our home. They are wonderful, creamy, make tons of lather and smell delicious, especially the essential oil soaps. Jenny C.

Friday, 6/14/19 1:32pm
Hey Lori, I would like to say your soaps are wonderful. They feel so nice and are long lasting. We also like the fact that they are healthy and chemical free too.. Kelly S.

Wednesday, 5/1/19, 4:30 PM
Absolutely love the all natural men's pomade. Keeps my hair great all day and I enjoy the fact I'm not putting crazy chemicals in my hair! Keep up the great work! Mary

Sun 7:02pm 4/21/19
Hi Lori I want you to know how much I’m enjoying all your wonderful products. The presentation is beautiful but it’s the products themselves with the Bible verses that make them super special. I have mainly been using your liquid soap and your bar soaps. Both formulas leave your skin clean and soft without drying them out. Plus I have been struggling with adult acne for about 5 years. I never had acne when I was a teenager and to have it now in my 50’s is very frustrating! I have tried so many different products thru the years but nothing worked. I started using your organic Oatmeal and Honey bar soap and I immediately saw an improvement on my acne. No new breakouts and the redness and scarring is slow disappearing! Anyone who is unsure about trying any of For Your Glory products don’t be. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again for your amazing products. God Bless you.

Thursday 12:44pm 04/11/19
We are enjoying the plumeria bars, they smell heavenly and make our skin feel smooth. We also like that your soaps are chemical and cruelty free as well. Cindy Chicago IL

Tuesday 9:06am 04/02/19
We have been using these soaps for years and they make great gifts.  James IL

Monday 5:45pm 03/18/19
Lori these soaps are so nice and make your skin feel smooth. Lisa B. In.

Thursday 9:55pm 01/31/18
I enjoy the light blue bar so far. The scent stays with you for a long time. Mike

Mon 7:11pm 12/31/18
Thank you for the beautiful soap gift. The bars are creamy and make my skin feel smooth. My husband  loves the Green Irish bar it smells amazing. Susan IL.

Wednesday 9:54am 10/31/18
Hi Lori Thank you for the Lavender soaps they are my favorite and they smell heavenly! Jenifer

Monday 6:33pm 10/29/18
Love your soaps, they smell wonderful, have so much lather and are so creamy and moisturizing. Jess IN.

Saturday 10:32pm 10/15/18 
Hi Lori We love your creamy natural soaps. We love giving them for gifts too. LM

Friday  5:23pm 10/14/18
hey Lori I just received my soap order and want to let you know they are have tons of creamy lather and smell so good! Thanks again Shell Ia

Tuesday 10:50am 9/11/18
I have tried most of the soap listed and they are all creamy smooth and long lasting. I like the way they feel on my skin. These are wonderful soaps. Jenny C.

Wednesday 7;39pm 8/01/18
Hey Lori, I really like the beard balm  and Men's soap bars for my husband. He smells really nice and his beard is so smooth now  it's a big improvement from the last time he grew his beard out. Awesome products! Shelly 

Thursday ,7/26/18
For Your Glory Soap I really enjoy your products. I received a few soaps and lip balm for a birthday gift and I love the way they feel on my skin. I look forward to trying the other scents. 
Thank you Lisa

Mon 7/2/18
The night time serum is the best. I started using it a few weeks ago and love it. It is wonderful for after the being in the sun too! Julie Car

Wed. 5/16/18
I am using the beard balm and it has been the best yet. My beard is softer than ever . Jerry F.

Fri 4/6/18
Hi Lori Thank you for making my shower a special one. The favors were just gorgeous and everyone just loved them. Ericka S. IA.

Fri 4/6/18
Hi Lori, Just a note to say your products rock! ML
​Sat, 1/10/18
We love the way your products feel especially the butter balm. Louise

Wednesday 12:44pm, 1/24/18
Hi Lori, I got hooked on your soap - its the best! Was running low so searched for your website!

Monday, 1/22/18, 11:57 PM
I have been using the night time serum and I can't wait to wash my face at night and use this. It smells great and my skin feels so good. I only use your soaps now for facial cleansing and I don't think I have any blemishes any more. My hair has never felt better since I have used the shampoo and conditioner. Just feels so healthy..Thank you Lori for all your wonderful products. Oh, almost son just loves the beard oil..he's really liking the scent and cant stop talking about how his beard feels so good and he has tried several. Some amazing products for sure!! Debra

Jen Friday, 1/19/18, 12:25 PM
​Love your soaps! They smell amazing and I feel good about using your handcrafted products for my whole family including my young children. The lip balm is amazing too. I usually use plain coconut oil at home but it is so messy; your lip balm is a good replacement and travels well too. I am excited to try the liquid soap out. 
Thanks Lori!

01/04/18 Thur 5:36pm
Lori Just want to thank you for the beautiful soap gift, the rose water is just lovely. Jean

12/28/17 Thur 6:44pm
For Your Glory Soap is one of my favorite soaps. They are creamy and soft and last long too. May

12/20/17 Wed, 3;22pm
Lori your soap are yummy! I love them all. 
Great products. Lisa B

11/17/17 Monday 8:37pm
I really like the creaminess of these soaps and the aroma is long lasting too. thank you Jessica

10/25/17 wed 5;36pm
Hi Lori It was nice talking with you about the importance of healthy products and I agree your soaps are wonderful! Thank you for fast service. Mary

9/29/17 Fri 4;35pm 
We like the bar soaps and patchouli balm butters are nice and not greasy long lasting. Kim

9/20/17 Wed 4;23pm
Hey Lori Love your products thank your for the extra goodies love the lip balm as well. Sue

8/31/17 Thur 5:31pm
Your bar soap are nice and creamy with a nice lasting fragrance. We love that they are healthy too.Jan

8/22/17 Tue 9:32am
Hi               Lori, we are loving the sweet orange liquid soap and the grace bar soap, they are just delightful.Sandy

7/22/17 Sat 9:45 pm
the Gentlemen s styling products are a hit in my house. The Tobacco scent is a nice smell and feels great my beard hasn't felt this soft and manageable in years. Kevin

7/19/17 Wednesday 11:26am
Love the rosewater  and lavender lemongrass bars they feel so relaxing, you want to stay in the shower longer. Susan

6/28/17 Wed 8:33pm
Lori We saw your soap display at the local airport and thought we would give them a try. Just wanted to add they are the best bars ever. JM

Thursday 6/15/17 5:02pm
FYGS bar soaps are creamy silky smooth and long lasting. We have been using them awhile, love the fragrances! Beth M.

Friday 5/19/17 3:58pm
Just loving the shampoo and conditioner. My hair was very dry and damaged and WOW...what a difference it made. Thank You so much!! Deb

Thursday 5/18/18 6:22pm
Polo Sport is a keeper thanks Lori for making a really healthy wonderful smelling soap! Jen

Monday, 5/08/17 2:53pm
Lori, We love your soaps and lip colors! Kim

Monday, 4/10/17 3:09pm
We love the liquid and bar soaps. They are wonderfully creamy and smooth we do use them for shaving as they are very sudsy too! Shelly

Wednesday, 3/01/17, 4:51pm
I just received your Lavender Grapefruit Bar, this one is a keeper. Please do not stop making this combination of essential oils in this bar, they are yummy!! Lauren

Tuesday, 2/28/17, 8:43pm
My husband bought the tobacco beard care set a week ago. I love the way his beard feels, smells and it even looks healthier since he started using these products. Thank you for making heathly products at reasonable prices. Louise B.

Saturday, 1/28/17  5:33PM
Just love your soaps Lori, they are creamy smooth and last long smell wonderful. Sheila

Saturday, 1/28/17, 12:58 PM 
I have enjoyed your soap for many years and hope to continue to enjoy for many more.Mary

Wednesday, 1/11/17, 8:57 AM
Lori we have been using your soap for a long time now. They are creamy, have loads of suds and feel wonderful. We like that they are organic and all natural. We love how pretty they are too! Great for gifts. Sue

Sunday Jan 1,17 9.45pm
Lori ,We love all of your organic soaps. They have tons of lather, are smooth and creamy, smell wonderful and long lasting too. Marie

Friday Dec 23,16 6:50pm
Lori I love giving your soaps for Christmas. You have great gift ideas! My family loves them, especially the beautiful sample tree. thank you, Lisa

Wednesday Dec 21, 16 5;45pm
Lori Thank you for making organic products.I am enjoying your pine liquid soap. It is very smooth and my hands used to crack in winter but not any more thanks again John

Tuesday Dec 13,16 8;25am 
Love the white gardenia liquid, very smooth and soft feeling. Sandy

Oct 28, 16 10:45pm
The pumpkin liquid smells wonderful. love it!

Friday 6/30/16 3;37pm
Lori I love all of your products and the soaps and wonderful. I only use these soaps. Thank you again. Mary

Thursday May 12,16 12;33pm
Lori thank you for creating these creamy healthy soaps. The scents are so refreshing and long lasting too.  I changed my diet not long ago and now I understand the importance of what we put on our skin as well. Fondly, Barbara

Friday, 3/18/16, 3:04PM
We love your soaps, especially one of my daughters. She always requests more for her Birthday or Christmas! She fondly remembers the beautiful soap favors you made for her wedding shower. Did we ever email you photo of how pretty they were?Diane Chikos

Wednesday 2/3/16 8:33PM
This is wonderful soap. I just love it! I sometimes take an extra shower just to use it. I love the way my skin feels plus the smell is so great. It is very pretty soap. I wish I could give everyone a bar to try.~ Debbie 

I am loving the sweet orange essential oil  liquid is wonderful on my t zone for face wash..great product! Marie

9/12/15 Saturday 3:44pm
For Your Glory Soap,
We love all of your creamy soaps. They are silky and have tons of lather. We can't wait to try them all. Beth

7/2/15 Wednesday 4;15pm
Hi Lori,
I would like to thank you for the beautiful soap gift you have sent . I like that they are healthy and smell wonderful. Nice Job! Ronnie

4/23/15 Thursday 3:23pm 
Lori ,I love your lip Colors .They go on smooth, are creamy and last a long time. Great product! Marie

3/18/15 Wednesday 2:48pm
Lori, I love love love your whipped body butter. JF

3/06/15 Friday 8:33pm
Lori- your products are very nice I especially love the bar soaps and whipped butter. Gloria

2/25/15 Wed 5:53pm
Lori we love all of your products. The soaps smell wonderful! Diane

Jan 8 Thursday 12;46pm
Lori I am loving the Organic Argan Oil. It is so nice to use especially in this dry season. I have really liked it for my face.....Sandy

Dec 17, 3;30pm 
Lori, We just love your soap. It's the only soap we use. Thanks Lori! Mike

Nov 9 Sunday 3:21pm
Shalom from Israel friend. Mother had a very bad bed sore (she was ill for a week in bed mode). I cleansed the wound a couple days with your soaps when her prescribed medicine cream was not working but your soap took all the wound away! My friend from Ukraine says your soap is healing and everyone in Ukraine knows about your kind of soap! it was a miracle healing cleansing for her bed sores! Doctor gels were just not curing the sore but your soap worked wonders!! Thank you!!! Miriam

July 2 Wednesday 2:38pm
Lori Just wanted to say the gift I sent my mother in law was very much received. She loves your soaps. Thank you for making a beautiful and healthy gift! Debbie

June 5 Thursday 7:40pm
Lori we all love your soaps Thank you again Paula

June 4 Wednesday 12:33pm
ForYourGlorySoap Thank you for such a delightful gift I feel pampered! Mary

May 25, Sunday 8:55am
Lori I love your soaps! 
They are a blessing to me. Ruth

May 23 Friday 5:50pm
Lori we absolutely love your products . These are the creamiest soaps ever! Diane

April 30 Wednesday 3:30pm
Lori, I am enjoying the fresh Rosemary I purchased. They are soft and lather great! Susan

April 17 Thursday 10:03am
Lori, We love your creamy soaps.
 We will try them all. Thank you Jean

Friday 3/7/14   11:08am
Hi Lori!
I was on Pinterest yesterday and saw your soaps pop up and I liked the new scents. I always love your soaps.
Take Care!

Thursday  3/6/14    5:2pm
Your gift packages are beautiful!

Saturday 2/8/14     8:26am
Hi Lori,
I absolutely love your special made soaps! Randi

Jan 7,2014    4:15pm
Lori Your pine soap smells awesome Thank you Jean

Marie Thursday, 1/30/14, 8:29 AM 

 Hi Lori, Please don't stop making the Pink Coral Lip Color, I use it as a go to color for an everyday look.
 Best Regards Marie Lake Bluff IL 

Nov /22/13 1:16pm
Hello Lori, I am loving your organic argan oil from the Hair Care kit. I use it on my face at night and it is wonderful. Love your soaps along with your organic lip balm too! Thank you again, Amy

Nov. 13, 2013
Hi Lori ..the soaps are amazing...and the Argan  lip colors are very creamy ,soften my  lips and stay on for a long time,.....see you at the next show ...Karen

Jun 25, 2013 at 12:24 PM 
Dear Lori - I just wanted to say thanks so much for creating these soaps. I tried the Plumeria one first and it was awesome! My skin has never been smoother, and or softer in it's life. I usually have to slather up with all sorts of moisturizer after showering, but now with your soaps, that's no longer necessary. Also, the scent is not overpowering at all, like some chain store soaps. It's is enough to be noticed, but not obnoxious at all. Even my Husbands Super Sniffer nose is not bothered by the scent. What a great product! Thanks you so, so much for creating and sharing this product. Sincerely, Jean PS I did notice you put in a bunch of additional soaps in my order. That was very nice of you, and I can't wait to try them all! Jean

Tuesday 6/4/2013 
Lori, Thank you soooo much for the sweet orange deodorant, it smells good enough to eat !!! I've been using it since it arrived and really love it. I haven't been able to use commercial deodorant for many years as it caused me to break out in a rash so I just used one of those mineral stones. This hasn't caused any problem so I'm really excited. 

Sunday 5/19/2013
Lori, I love your new Berry Berry Lip color goes on smooth holds for hours and feels so creamy too Thank you for making a chemical free lip color...Susan

Miriam April 10,2013 at 12:33 AM
Israel is a sweeter fragrance now to the Lord thanks to your lovely scented healthy soaps in the Holy Land!

Ann Tuesday, 1/29/13, 3:14 PM 
  Lori, Your lip colors feel wonderful I love the silkiness of them and how they soften my lips too.

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December 25, 2012 at 4:44am 
Lori, mom has had a condition on her hands for decades, I am using your soaps and it seems to be well for her skin!!! Miriam

 Tuesday 10/16/12  
Lori, I just love your lip colors. They go on smooth taste great and are very creamy and the liquid hair care is awesome !

Thursday Sept 20, 2012
Lori, Your gift packages are beautiful. 
Thank You!

Tues July 3,2012
The package came today. I am looking forward to putting your products to use.
Thank you again for such rapid service!

Wednesday, 5/30/12, 6:57 PM 
Lori, I had the great fortune to meet you at the Motor Werks show. What a blessing you and your products have been. I purchased several different items from you, (with your expert guidence) of course and couldn't be more satisified. Your soaps are the best, I have purchased soaps from all over the United States, France, Ireland and Africa and For Your Glory Soaps are the King of Kings of soap. I can't wait to try the other products I have, keep making these items and we will keep buying them. Thank you so much, Ronald 

Tuesday, 5/22/12 9:38pm
Just wanted to tell you how much I
Love your lotion balm. 2 days of application and sleeping in sox and my cracked heels are perfect! Love how easy it is to apply. Bravo!

Monday, 5/21/12, 3:07 PM  
 For Your Glory Soaps are fantastic - I love all the scents. I have tried different kinds of soaps and nothing compares to Lori's. Fantastic quality and the bars last a long time. The entire bathroom is filled with the scent. Which is very relaxing and calming. Lori Walker Aurora, IL 

Dave Wegner Monday, 5/21/12, 8:49 AM 
Soap is great , My one son has sensitive skin & the soap is great, Thanks 

Sarah Monday, 5/21/12, 8:38 AM 
Wow -- your lipstick is terrific! Looks great, feels great and sweet rather than waxy. Also enjoying the wonderful soap. Thanks so much. 

Joan 4/20/12
Lori I just love your White Gardenia I received it as a gift for the holidays it was wonderful Thanks!

Robin 4/20/12
Love the soap !! So creamy and just plain wonderful ! Thanks <><

Miriam 3/12/12
What smells, what awesome fragrances! I love the shampoo in the bar now, you are so gifted. 

I received my order yesterday !! Thank you!! Thank you for the extra items !! What a treat. I will be ordering more !! I'm finding as I get older I need more natural products on this vessel. God bless**

Dawn- Mon 2/16/12
I love your hair products!

Greg Mon 01/09/12
Ill never use store bought soap again!!!

Kim Snyder Monday, 10/10/11, 5:21 PM 
Dear Lori, My friends Dianne and Loyd just returned from spending a wonderful several days with you and your lovely family, they were so blessed. several years back Dianne gave me a bar of your great smelling soap the Yacht Club fragrance, wow i loved it, well she brought me back another bar, i was so excited and she gave me some lip balm to try, i clean windows for a living so i'm outside a lot, so i'm anxious to try it. I love how you give back into the Kingdom, that is so cool. thank you Kim Snyder 

Tehila Guerra Wednesday, 10/5/11, 10:36 AM Thanks to Papa HaShem and Paul Wilbur for sharing these products with me... I luv them already,any contact in Austin, Tx? 

 Love your soap & liquid soap, too! Lori, Your soaps are wonderful!! Looking forward to your deodorant coming out soon!! May God bless you and your work! Thank you,
Mary Beth 07/04/11

Hi again, Lori! I just couldn't go to bed without telling you how amazed I was when I decided to use the lavender soap you gave me, to wash my face. Wow! I don't know when I've been so happy with a product! I have 3 daughters and 3 grand-daughters (and a dear son-in-law) who will be REALLY happy to use your wonderful products! What more can I say! I'm telling them all as soon as I see them....this week-end.
Gloria 03/04/11

Hi Lori, I attended a Ladies Night Event and had the pleasure of winning your raffle gift basket. It was the pine scent and I was a bit skeptical at first, but after trying both the bar and liquid soap, even in the pine scent, I absolutely love it. You have a fantastic, natural, great quality, and fabulous smelling product. While reading your testimonials on your website, I read someone mentioning a rose scent, however, did not see it listed under the products section. I love rose scented things and would love to try yours, in addition to many others that I will be sampling. Please let me know about the rose scented products you may carry. Looking forward to your reply and to trying your entire line for myself and as gifts for family and friends - I'm sure they will love them just as much as I do. Thank You and have a wonderful day! 
Bridget 02/23/11

Lori, I am loving the soap I bought,
Julie 12/19/10

The sweet orange hand soap lives up to the title of your line. The aroma is awesome and I love the moisturizing qualities.I LOVE your soap!!!!Sandie 12/10/10

Lori ,I love all of the soaps -thank you !
Ron, Virginia Beach 7/06//10

Just wanted to say how much we love your products. They smell wonderful and they are wonderful to your skin. I believe you are truly correct in saying that we are so careful about what we put IN our body such as food and ect. and don't really think about what we are putting ON our body as far as skin care. Thank you so much for making a natural soap that we can feel good about using. God bless you and your business.
Pam - Monday 4/5/10

Hey lori got the soap, thank you its awesome, used the vanilla one today. love it
Heather 2/2/10

Sandy Tuesday, 8/3/10, 11:47 AM 
 I recently tried your oatmeal soap and was quite pleased with the results. I found it to be very gentle yet deep cleansing, removing all traces of makeup from my face, leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed rather than tight and dry. I also liked the mild exfoliating properties of the soap, especially how it smoothed the surface of my skin without producing any redness or irritation. Thanks for making such a great product! 

Love your Lavender Soap.. Jenny 07/14/10

Lori -My girlfriend loves your soaps. Peter IL 07/12/10

You can feel the difference Lori, Thank you.
Carol Chicago IL. 6/10/10

Lori,  Your soaps are lovely! Thank you.
 Dorothy 05/24/10

Thank you so much . I enjoy the scents and calming aromas.
 Bev 03/10

Steven    Sunday, 10/18/09, 5:23 PM 
Every spring and fall i would have psoriasis on my elbows.ever since using these soaps it has not reoccurred.perfect for dry skin.thanks fygs. 

Sandy Monday, 10/5/09, 10:01 AM 

 Lori, My daughters and I have been using your soaps for a long time now and I really can't say I have "one" favorite anymore. It used to be the "Sweet Orange" which I still love but now we have added the Berry Berry and The Creamy Coconut. Yours is the only soap we use. It has cleared all of our skin and makes the bath smell wonderful. Thank you for all of your hard work, and dedication to your customers! Sandy 

Robert  7/28/09
These are absolutely the best bar soaps around.  I still have 5, they are all different colors and can't locate their name on the packaging but I am able to use this soap without the need for lotion after the shower, they are that good!! WOOT WOOT!!" 

Taylor B. Wednesday, 2/25/09, 11:12 PM 

 Very professional and caring. Products are great and are perfect for gifts for those special. I have done gifts for relatives as well as for business associates and staff. All loved them. Thanks as always. Taylor B. 

 Nancy Tuesday, 2/24/09, 11:33 AM 

 My mom gave me a gift box of soaps for my birthday and I just love them. The scents are so light and refreshing, not like many over fragrant body products. I am also very particular about what I put on my skin, and this is all pure, natural and very hydrating.  

Susan  Tuesday, 2/24/09, 7:26 AM 

 If you are considering purchasing "For Your Glory" products, I absolutely would encourage you to do so. The fragrances are beautiful, your skin will feel like velvet, you will never use any other soaps again! I love it all! You honestly have never tried anything like it, ever. Its creator only uses the finest oils and you will know this after your first use. 

Sandy  Sunday, 2/22/09, 11:23 AM 

 I have been using Lori's soap for a long time now and my daughters and I just love them. We all have sensitive skin and we have trouble with many soaps and bath products. This soap smells terrific, is soft, and leaves your skin clean, and full of moisture. Sweet Orange is our favorite, but they are all wonderful! We have never had any trouble with rashes or breakouts with this soap. We have been using it for two years now. It is a wonderful product and I recommend it to everyone! 

Valerie Friday, 2/20/09, 1:07 PM 

 I am not usually a fan of bar soap. I used one of your bars that my mom had lent me and loved it. I also try and use more natural products, so this is great! My mom bought me a gift package with a bunch of the soaps in it for my birthday. Now I am set for awhile. Great product. 

MW Wednesday, 2/18/09, 4:11 PM 

 I really like the soap because of the mild but very pleasant scents. After using the soap for showering, I feel very refreshed and my skin doesn't feel dry/tight. It definitely moisturizes. Another feature I like is the abundant lather it gives me without using a lot. I can't think about using regular soap anymore. 
I'm hooked !!!!!!!! 

Shelly  Wednesday, 2/18/09, 9:27 AM 

 Lori, My family and I can testify that "For Your Glory" soap is the best soap we have ever used. I love to keep gift boxes of liquid and bar combinations on hand to give out as hostess gifts or spur of the moment presents. My husband washes his hands every night before dinner and constantly raves about your liquid soap. We wanted to try the soap because of its' natural ingredients, and now we love the fun fragrances and the way it leaves our skin feeling. We pray for your continued success. God Bless, Shelly 

Mary Wednesday, 1/14/09, 7:33 AM 

 Hey Lori, Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!! I received the soap on Saturday and really like the various scents. It is wonderful. I only use your soap now and have given a bar to my girls. They like it too. 

Thank you again for the lovely box, I put some hand towel's in it and put it in the bedroom on the night stand. My bedroom smell's wonderful, the scent from the soaps are still permeated in the box!. Hope you have a great day.
Marlene 1/10/09

The gift box that my son gave me for Christmas was soooooo cool! You are a gifted, creative, and talented lady. Thank you so much for creating such a visual and olfactory treat!! Love to your family. I Hope you had a blessed Christmas, lb 12/27/08

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful soaps you sent Mike and I. My girls were fighting over who gets them the moment the box was opened. They smell wonderful and feel like melted butter on our skin! I will be trying all of your scents in the days to come.
Thanks Sandy 3/10/08

I love the soaps you gave me I'm always very dry especially in winter what I really like is that I take them with me on vacation they are light weight and because they are all natural I can use them on Sammy he also has some dryness and the scents are not over powering THANKS AGAIN JACKIE 1/15/08

Yes, we received the soap, it's the best soap ever!!
Thanks again,
Matt 2/22/08

We love the soap and are a long term user and
Michelle 2/12/08

 Friday, 12/26/08, 1:21 P

 Lori, Tried your Anise soap, it's the best one ever. The scent carries all through the bathroom and  smells so good, also leaves your skin so soft. These soaps keep getting better, you make it very tough to pick out a favorite. Thank's Again Marlene 

Nick L. Sunday, 8/10/08, 2:47 PM 

It's good I like it. 

Mimi Tuesday, 6/3/08, 2:43 PM 

Just received my package, felt like Christmas,the packaging is beautiful,the label's are great,anyway it's beautiful,can't wait until I try the new batch,I liked the old one and I'm sure this batch is even better... 

Deb Thursday, 12/13/07, 5:47 PM 

Lori The soaps are wonderful..all of them. They smell great and make my skin feel so refreshed. Thank you again 

I wanted to thank you for the soap you sent to us. We love your soap. It is absolutely yummy and it doesn't dry out our skin like so many of the commercial soaps they sell.
Patti & Jim 11/27/07

I have been using the soap and lotion you generously gave to me and Nichole and my skin is so soft. I love coming out of the shower and not feeling like soap is still on my skin. It gives me a 'clean' feeling. I am going to continue using the product but I need to know if I have you put together for me a gift basket just like you gave me.
Mary 11/29/07

Hi Lori,
Just wanted to thank you for the rose soap - I love it. The smell is just like a bunch of fresh roses.
Good Work as usual.
K 11/15/07

Saturday, 11/10/07, 3:39 PM 

Awesome soap...I've never felt so smooth! I can't wait to see what happens during the winter months. Normally I tend to be very dry as the weather progresses from warm to bitter cold. I have a feeling that with fygs, my skin will continue to be soft throughout the entire season! 

For Your Glory Soap
Our May gift went  to James in Aurora Il.