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All Natural Organic Cocoa Butter &
Shea Butter  Solid Lotion Balm 
great for travel                      2.25 oz

$6.49 -2/pk
$11.99 /4 pk
Natural Organic  Lip Balm   0.15 oz
with Organic Argan Oil  
(No lanolin or petroleums)
Organic Handcrafted liquid soaps Travel- 3 pack of 2.33 oz ea
see liquids page 3 for more information on scent choices. 
(add 3 liquid choices below)
$12.99 ea.
$25.99 pkg
Natural Hair Care Bar  4.5-5.5 oz
Chamomile Goats Milk Bergamot 
Coconut Milk with Peppermint
​Orange Conditioner and Hair Care Bar combo
includes natural loofah soap dish
All Natural Organic Deodorant
Lavender Tea Tree-Patchouli Sandalwood-
Sweet Orange-Yacht Club Fragrance Oil-Unscented 2.50 oz
Unscented or Patchoiuli Sandalwood
Lotion Balm Choice
All Natural Hair Care Liquid        8 oz ea
with Chamomile-Sweet Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils       
(no SLS and chemical free) 
$15.99 ea.
Dead Sea Salt with Lavender Essential Oil
16 oz. jar
Deodorant Scent
Tissue wrapped Sample Pack-10 Assorted 1/2 to 1 oz. each bar.
sample sizes will allow you to find the one that is right for you.
Also available in an assorted gift pack with a small mesh sponge shown on the "holiday gifts" page above.
 hair & body
2-pk or 4-pk
Goats Milk Shave Soap 3" round disk 
for your shaving bowl
with a hint of key lime essential oil  4oz
$9.99 ea.
FYG Solid Conditioner Bar       1.75 oz ea
 with Tucuma Butter, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass 
Essential Oils
Great for Travel ! Long Lasting-Replaces your
conditioner bottle.
$14.99 ea.
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