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Natural Deodorant

Part of your daily cleansing routine usually involves using a commercial deodorant or an antiperspirant. Some of the key ingredients featured in these products are aluminum and parabens, that have been correlated to different health conditions, Alzheimer’s and kidney disease. Research suggests some parabens may interfere with the way your body produces and regulates estrogen and other hormones.

Deodorants reduce bacteria using chemicals that kill bacteria called antimicrobials. They also use fragrances to mask the odor.

Antiperspirants use ingredients like aluminum to reduce sweat release from the eccrine sweat glands, thereby limiting the amount of secretion in the armpit area. They block your pores from sweating.

Sweating is a natural cooling mechanism of the body that helps regulate body temperature.

Natural handcrafted deodorants are typically free from harsh chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. By choosing natural alternatives, you can minimize your exposure to these potentially harmful substances.

The benefit of all natural deodorant is that it helps to eliminate unwanted odor while still allowing your body to sweat; its natural cooling mechanism.

All Natural deodorant contains plant based skin friendly ingredients and essential oils to help control sweat and odor, allowing the body to cool down naturally.

white 2.5 ounce tube of all natural deodorant
The Beauty of All Natural Deodorant!

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