Frequently asked questions

Why is handmade soap better than commercial soap?
Commercial soaps have harsh chemical additives. 
Many commercial soaps are not soaps at all,
 but detergents, which strip away natural oils from the skin. 

Are commercial soaps more drying to the skin?
Absolutely. Try using a natural handmade soap that contains 
no chemical additives or detergents and see for yourself. 

What is glycerin?
Glycerin is a by-product of soap making. In the process by which soap is made, 
the oils and lye not only create soap, they also create glycerin. 
Natural handmade soaps DO NOT remove this glycerin from the soap.
Commercial soaps nearly always remove this glycerin, as it has tremendous commercial value. 
It is a component of many cosmetics. 

What does glycerin do?
Glycerin is a humectant -- it attracts and retains moisture. 
If any glycerin is left on the skin after washing with a natural handmade soap,
 it will act as a moisturizer.

Are any of our soaps made with animal fats?
No. We only use vegetable (plant) oils. No animal fat is used.

Ph of handmade soap...
Our formulas do not contain preservatives or PH lowering agents. 
The natural alkalinity of the soap process keeps bacteria from growing in 
handmade soap. Soap with a lower Ph encourages bacteria and mold.
Toxic preservatives would be required to prevent this from occurring,  
corrupting the basic ingredients of natural soap. 
Keep soaps and essential oils out of eyes.

 How to care for your soap…
Allow your soaps to dry between uses. Don't let them sit in water.   
                                                                                        A well draining soap dish is  recommended.                                                                                                                             
 If any soap is allowed to remain wet constantly it will quickly dissolve.  


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