Real Handcrafted Liquid Soap

Saponified Organic Sunflower Oil ( High in Vitamin E) and Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Essential Oils, 
Sodium Borate a natural mineral  and 
 Natural Micas and/Or Quality Premium Grade Fragrance Oils..    each 13 ounces. 
 Keep out of eye area.

  Quality Premium Grade phalate - Paraben Free Fragrances : 

  Coconut-No added color, Coconut fragrance.  
                    A delightful fresh coconut aroma with a hint of a buttery top note

 Jasmine, mica coloring-Jasmine fragrance 
                    The exotic smell of freshly cut jasmine flowers.

 Hawaiian  Plumeria-  Plumeria Fragrance Oil.                          
                    A comforting scent of sweet floral fragrance- mica coloring.

 Lilac - Mica for coloring, Lilac fragrance. 
                    The aroma of a freshly blooming Lilac bush reminiscent of spring time! 

 Lavender Sage -Magenta mica for color, Lavender Sage fragrance oil.  
                    A wonderful aroma of true lavender flowers.

 White Gardenia- of citrus, lily of the valley and middle notes of white gardenia, jasmine, and muguet; sitting on                 a  subtle note of amber woods, mica coloring.

 Peach-Peach Fragrance Oil, Mica color. 
                    Smells like a  juicy fresh ripened peach. 

 Sandalwood-Sandalwood is warn sweet rich and woodsy- mica color.
 Basil Sage Mint- Mint medley of basil leaves with clary sage and fresh peppermint sprigs, citrus zests, soft,                                 soothing musk.

 *All Natural Essential Oils:

 Lime & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, green mica .
                     Key Lime has a strong citrusy scent sharp slightly spicy and  Ylang Ylang has a sweet exotic floral                            aroma.  A complimentary arrangement of Ylang Ylang to energize your spirit, and fresh key lime to                         improve your mood.                                                       

 Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil, Mica color.   
                       Produced in Provence France, this oil has a sweet floral note. 

 Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Micas for color.
                     Sweet orange essential oil has a sweet, citrus smell much like the orange peels it is derived                                           from, only more intense and concentrated.

​ Pine - fresh stimulating Pine, sedative Sweet Orange, warm spicy Cinnamon, and nutmeg make this liquid a Christmas treat!

Lemongrass, White Grapefruit, Rosemary with a hint of Lavender 
awaken your senses with tart citrus aroma, crisp clean camphor and a hint of relaxing floral. ​

Even as Christ also loved the church 
and gave Himself for it,
that He might sanctify and cleanse it
with the washing of water
by the Word
that He might present it to Himself
a Glorious Church
not having spot or wrinkle
or any such thing 
but that it should be
Holy and without blemish!
email me
any questions please
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Eph 5:27